Regional Top-Up is a new style of voting system for Britain. It combines the best facets of Proportional Representation systems with the ease of the First Past The Post (FPTP) voting system used in Britain today. Regional Top-Up is a simple, proportional, locally based electoral system.

Given the failure of the 2011 referendum on switching to AV, it has become increasingly apparent that any reform to the voting system must be simple. Regional Top-Up meets that requirement and more.

Under the current system large swathes of the population are completely unrepresented in Westminster, with two million voters not having a single MP who represents their views. Most votes are actually wasted; 70% in the 2005 General Election and 71% in 2010, and many people don’t bother to vote because they feel it won’t make any difference.

Unfortunately, all of the current alternative systems being considered bring inherent problems with them, whether it is a more complex voting system or an end to constituency MPs.

In contrast, the Regional Top-Up system manages to combine all of the advantages of the FPTP system with the advantages of proportional representation, creating the best possible electoral system for Britain.

Thanks for your support,

- Anthony Butcher

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